Traveler's Health

Travel to a foreign country puts you in the care of their medical system. Learn about Mexicoís hospitals and doctors as well as steps you can take to promote you and your familyís health while in the Riviera Maya.

ev_4_med_to_go_t.jpg Mexico Travel Health Kit

Visitors to Mexico should consider packing a first-aid kit prior to travel.

evol_7_pharmaceuticals_t.jpg Pharmacies and Prescription Drugs

What to know before filling your scripts south of the border.

ev_5_med_to_go_t.jpg Stings, Bites and Poisoning from Dangerous Marine Animals

What To Avoid And What To Do If You Find Yourself In A Marine Sting Situation

julie waterart Fit Tips for Traveling

10 fitness tips while traveling

evol_6_med_to_go_t.jpg Traveling While Pregnant

What should you know about traveling while expecting?

Ron and Catherine Burdine Come to Mexico; It's Actually Good for You!

Written exclusively for Sac-Be by Catherine Burdine

Yucatan Road Driving the Sac-be: Tips for driving in the Yucatan

It's not difficult or scary driving in the Yucatan, but there are a few differences for us northerners.

Chiapas Dental Clinic Mexico Dental Visit

An emergency visit to a dental office in Chiapas, by Jon and Vonda Look

looks_health.jpg Our Experience with the Mexican Health Care System

Jon and Vonda share their experiences

mosquito Protecting Yourself from Dengue Fever

Great information shared from Yucatan Living

kayaking safely Safety While Kayaking

Why even when Tankah and Soliman Bays in the Riviera Maya seem calm, it is important to wear lifejackets.

La Selva Mariposa

Acanto Boutique Hotel, Playa del Carmen, MX

Villas Flamingo