Traveling the Sac-be 2011 – Part One

By Lydia Linton Pontius
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At least once a year we take off on the sac-be and visit old friends and make new ones.  We use these trips to write articles and reviews, and to take videos, as well as to keep a finger on the pulse of what is new, or what new places there are to explore.  

This trip it was my partner/husband, Mike, his son, Matt, and Matt's friend Lisa. This trip had the usual requirements, but it was also to celebrate Mike's 60th birthday.  His son Matt had been as far south as Xel-Ha in 1998 when we took a family vacation to Cancún.  Mike had not been down to the Costa Maya since 2001. Lisa had been to Cancún as a young teenager, staying in the Hotel Zone and seeing sights such as Xcaret.

I was excited because I knew that the changes, or things that didn't change, were going to be exciting. Seeing things through new eyes always gives me a renewed appreciation, and I see things I would ordinarily miss or take for granted.

I had been in Akumal for several days attending a WaterART Fitness training program, so I hopped in the car and drove up to Cancún to meet the family.  I sat outside the terminal sipping my coffee and talking to the two cats that kept me company. They were on an early flight and the airport was relatively quiet. With the two men being over 6 feet tall, there was no problem spotting them.

We had to make one quick stop to get a larger car. The arrangements were made ahead of time and EasyWay had us off and on the road in no time. Heading south on 307, the first shocker is the size of Playa. For Matt, it was a tiny fishing village with dirt roads when he saw it. For Mike, who travels more frequently, it was the new fly-over that impressed him. We were heading to Tulúm but decided we had to stop for lunch at Akumal, so Matt a