Try a Little Español part 2

While you're in Mexico, it might be fun to try a little Spanish. The people you speak with will be really appreciative of your effort and it might even enhance your Mexican experience!

Here are some words and phrases that might come in handy in a clothing store.
Me gustaria probarme esta ropa...I would like to try on this clothing.

Me queda bien...It fits well.
No me queda bien...It doesn't fit well.
Necesito una talla mas grande....I need a bigger size.
Necesito una talla mas chica...I need a smaller size.
Tiene esto en color diferente?...Do you have this in a different color?
Me gustaria comprar esta ropa....I would like to buy this clothing.

En efectivo...Cash
Con tarjeta de credito...With a credit card
Con cheque...With a check
Demasiado caro...Too expensive

Gracias por tu ayuda!...Thank you for your help!

Learn some words to use in a restaurant in lesson one.

Here's a hint - the beauty of Spanish is the letters are always pronounced the same way. Click here for a site that can help you with pronunciation.

These Spanish lessons are compliments of Alice Blatner who is a local home owner and volunteer at Hekab Be Biblioteca.

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