Tulum Growth Concerns?

by Marisol  (July 2013)

I would like to bring you up to speed about a group of people who are starting to get together every week. These are people like you and me (from several nationalities and background) who are worried about losing the Tulum we love. We are concerned about the rapid growth we are experiencing and are worried that Tulum could become another Cancun or the next Playa del Carmen.

I will translate the email below for you so that you can understand what we are working on and get your thoughts on a questionnaire about our area. Please feel free to correct my grammar or spelling.

"Who are we?"

We are a group of individuals of different backgrounds, experience and culture, working together because we believe that we have the responsibility and the opportunity to participate in the planned and balanced growth of Tulum. We understand development not as "demographic and urban growth" but as the improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants and the thoughtful and planned growth of the touristic and residential.

We get inspired in "model communities" where cooperation of various sectors develop and maintain high living and ecological standards. Tulum could become a member of these world-class communities that have learned from the mistakes of others, who have based their economy on traditional tourism sacrificing their quality of life and overexploiting their natural resources.

Up until now we have been able to identify some of the diverse problems that our community faces. We have worked in groups according to our expertise, profession, interests and abilities. The groups are:

1) Education and Communication

2) Health

3) Sustainable development and the Environment

4) Tourism

In our last meeting we shared opinions on the "Water Forum" which took place on June 11 in the "Centro de Interpretación de la cultura Maya" located at the ruins area at 10:00 a.m., where several key participants made decisions on this important topic proposing the creation of an Environmental and Social certificate for hotels, restaurants, etc., and discussed an agenda that specifies the main problems we have from the perspective of the participants among other topics.

We cordially invite you and others, concerned with Tulum's growth and development, to participate in our weekly conversations.

- Meetings take place at Charlie's restaurant at 6:00.

- Remember that united we have strength and a voice.

- Your children will appreciate your efforts.