Blue Moon at the Pyramid of Positive Thinking

by Lisa Love Juliot

Pyramid of Positive Thinking

Entering the jungle of Tulum by the light of the full moon is a magical experience, even more so when the full moon happens to be a Blue Moon.

In the heart of the jungle of Aldea Zama, the newest, most chic area to be developed on the beach side of the federal highway in Tulum, lies the incredible living art work, The Pyramid of Positive Thinking. This incredible structure is built to hold approximately 700,000 positive thoughts. The concept of the artist, Xavier de Maria y Campos, is not only to pay homage to the Maya culture and to bring awareness issues of recycling and taking care of the planet but, more importantly, to create a space where everyone who has curiosity about the beginning of a new age prophesied by the Maya Calendar can participate in ushering in the new era with their positive thoughts, to create a positive resonance throughout the universe, to bring in a positive new world.

The entrance to the Pyramid of Positivity is constructed in a shape that represents the Kukulkan, Plumed Serpent god to the Maya. Walking this pathway, with its twists and turns and uneven terrain, gives one time for reflection and a moment of meditation in movement in which a positive thought can manifest to become part of the Pyramid of Positive Thinking.  For the Blue Moon Celebration the Pyramid was illuminated and the Kukulkan path was marked with traditional luminaries.

The ancient Maya kept records of the movements of the heavens. They carefully tracked the movement of planets and stars and built buildings to align with certain configurations and planetary alignments. The Blue Moon was a special event that demanded a celebration to mark its uncommon occurrence. In keeping with the traditions of the Maya of this magical region of Mexico, a full-scale Blue Moon Celebration was held into the night in the heart of the jungle at the foot of the Pyramid of Positive Thinking, which grows fatter with positive thoughts daily. People from all walks of life arrived to commune and deposit their positive thoughts on this special, mystical night

Pyramid of Positive Thinking

A troop of traditional Maya dancers came to hold their Blue Moon ceremony and share it with the fortunate audience at the Pyramid. What a lovely bit of synchronicity it was that they were not contracted or even directly invited to the Pyramid. They found it in their hearts to drive an hour away from their small Yucatan town to the Pyramid of Positivity because they felt that was the best place to hold their traditional dances and ceremonies. The group of onlookers gathered at the Pyramid were given a special, unexpected treat, being invited to share in this beautiful tradition.

The joyful dancing under the Blue Moon went on for quite some time. While the dancers and musicians regaled the audience with happy sounds and sights, a group of Maya women prepared fresh, homemade tortillas over an open flame.

To accompany the delicious tortillas they also made a traditional beverage of the ancient Maya. Served in shallow, coconut bowls the cacao beverage was shared among everyone present.

The music continued and the Blue Moon was celebrated with happy sounds, food and beverage to usher in abundance in this new planting cycle and the most incredible Pyramid (closer to full) of positive thoughts. The magic of the evening will stay forever etched in the edges of my imagination.

If you would like to participate by adding your positive thought to the Pyramid of Positive Thinking, you can leave your positive comments at the Pyramid in Aldea Zama, Tulum , visit the Facebook page for the Pyramid of Positive Thinking, or stop by Caminarte every Thursday night on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen where you will find Xavier himself collecting positive thoughts from passersby.

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