For years, I looked at photographs in books, on television advertisements, in people’s personal photo collections, of the ruins at Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. I was overwhelmed with the desire to go, to feel, to breathe. Until I could afford to do it well, I read. I read about the Mayans, the lore, the spirituality. I read the perceptions of various travel writers. As an artist, I delved into the ancient art, and even dabbled with the Mayan language. (OK, so I only held on to Ko’ox and Bax ka’walik. But hey, that’s more than I know of Rap music.)

Finally, I got here. This coast was everything and more than I could ask for. BUT! Sage readers…I learned the importance of being careful of what I ask for! Upon entering the ruins of Tulum, I hired an elderly tour guide, Octavio. He spent the better part of an hour teaching me, and entertaining me with his knowledge of the Tulum area and the Mayan people. When he left me, he advised that I roam around, feeling the spirits and the history, and that perhaps I might ask for knowledge, direction, peace, whatever I might be striving for in my life.

Well, I did just that. I found a spot in a far north corner, where it was quiet. I sat on the grass, positioning my hand on an ancient stone, at the beginning of the stairs. I pondered the mistakes, successes, questions, wants, and needs of my life. PLEASE! I finally asked, “Help me to SEE CLEARLY! Help me to SEE my direction, my place. Help me to SEE my position, what do I have to offer the world!” I rested there for a while, concentrating on my desire to SEEEEEEEEEE!

As I stretched out on the grass extending arms far behind me…My right hand landed on something very smooth. Startled, I rolled over to take a look. I discovered something that made me laugh out loud. This attracting unwanted attention from distant tourists. The Mayan Gods had provided me with exactly what I needed…Never before had a prayer of mine been answered with such immediacy! The smooth item was a pair of bifocals! Perhaps lost by someone who had seen enough? I don’t know.

To this day, I appreciate the humor and timeliness of the Gods. Next time…I think I will ask for a winning lottery ticket.

Astrid, Minnesota.