Turtle Season Is Here!

We post this information each turtle season; it was given to us by CEA.

It is nesting season for sea turtles at area beaches. México is home to six species, and four can be seen in Quintana Roo. All seven existing species are threatened or endangered.

Loggerheads are the first to arrive during May and nest through early August. They are followed by green turtles, whose nesting season begins mid-June and runs through September. Sightings of leatherbacks are extremely rare, while hawksbills nest on the northern shores of the peninsula.

During turtle season (May to October) you can help ensure the survival of these magnificent creatures by following these simple guidelines:

    • Change the lights facing the beach areas to amber- or red-colored bulbs; otherwise modify the direction of them to the inside of the property. The lights disorient the turtles.
    • Do not leave objects (beach chairs, floats, kayaks, etc.) on the beach, as they may obstruct the path of the turtles on their way to lay their eggs.
    • Do not make excessive noise at night from 23:00 to 05:00 hrs. during the nesting season (May to October). The noise frightens the turtles.
    • When you visit the beaches, please pick up trash even if it is not yours. Help us to keep the beaches clean.

    If you see a turtle arriving, making a nest or laying her eggs, please:

    • Do not approach her.
    • Never point your light towards her nor take pictures with a flash. The light frightens the turtles.
    • Please notify Centro Ecológico Akumal staff (CEA) of your observations.
    • If for some reason you have to walk on the beach at night, use amber or red light on your flashlight, illuminating your path only.

    If you see hatchlings on the beach, please:

    • Turn off the lights or ask your hotel or condominium to do it. Hatchlings follow the lights.
    • If the hatchlings do not go into the ocean, please help them find their own way into the sea. Contact with sand is their compass; do not release them into the water.
    • Do not take pictures with flash.
    • Do not keep them; this is a FEDERAL OFFENSE.

    While snorkeling please:

    • Keep at least a 2 meter/6 foot distance from turtles
    • Do not swim over them; they need to surface to breathe.
    • While they feed, do not approach them. Keep your distance.
    • Do not feed, touch, harass or ride them.


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