Under the Sea Museum/Gallery
(April 2011)

by Myrna Sparks

In 2009 a monumental underwater museum, MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte), was formed in the waters surrounding Cancún by the National Marine Park, The Cancún Nautical Association and the renowned British artist, Jason deCaires Taylor.

The Museum of Underwater Art's aim is to demonstrate the interaction between art and environmental science in forming an artificial reef structure where coral will bloom and sea life will congregate. To achieve this goal, the artist has created "The Silent Evolution"—400 life-sized natural clay sculptures depicting real people from the Yucatán sitting on the sea's sandy floor in Cancún's National Marine Park. This collection forms a vast gathering of people aiming to define a new era of living in a symbiotic relationship with nature.
Each of the figures is made from specialized materials used to promote coral life with the total installations occupying an area of more than 420 square meters and weighing over 180 tons. The artist has also created three other installations in the Cancún National Marine Park. This year other international artists will contribute more sculptural installations as the underwater museum continues its growth.
Aquaworld (www.aquaworld.com.mx) is offering snorkeling and diving tours to "The Silent Evolution" installation and you can see photos of these beautiful underwater sculptures.