Volume 21

v21_alma_thumb.jpg Discover Puerto Morelos

Tucked away in the Mayan Rivera is the small fishing village of Puerto Morelos.

v21_chocolate_thumb.jpg Discovering Chocolate

The first proven chocoholics where in fact the ancient Maya.

v21_hid_world_thumb.jpg Family Day at Hidden Worlds

My family’s adventure at Hidden Worlds Cenote Park.

v21_margarita_thumb.jpg How the Margarita Got Its Name

Was there a Margarita behind the Margarita?

v21_how_alt_med_kit_thumb_a.jpg How to Start an Alternative Medicine Kit?

Where to start? – Part I

v21_beach_xpuha_thumb.jpg La Playa at Xpu-Ha Beach

Where do the locals go to the beach?

v21_maya_beach_gard_thumb.jpg Mayan Beach Garden: A Coastal Retreat

The Mayan Beach Garden may be the ideal retreat for you.

v21_sailing_thumb.jpg Sailing Into The Sunset

Deep blue and expansive, the mother ocean is the allure for most of us visiting and living in this tropical paradise.

v21-tour_tid_thumb.jpg Tourist Tidbit: A Bump in the Road

Mary Elizabeth Becker

v21_cea_thumb.jpg What is a Reef Worth?

What might the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System be worth to México?

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