Whale Shark Update and Changes for 2015

Changes Are Coming on Whale Shark Tour Activity 2015
Season Opening May 15 – Cancun

The Mexican government authorities are considering LIMITING the whale shark tours this season in response to the ever-growing popularity of this activity in Cancun.

There were numerous days last year when there was EXTREME pressure in the whale shark areas on them due to the large number of boats.

In growing concern over the health and safety of the whale sharks, there are new rules coming—the biggest being the limiting of the number of boats that can go out each day during the peak months of July and August.

We strongly suggest participants wishing to go this season to BOOK IN ADVANCE, as we anticipate many days being SOLD OUT due to these limitations.

We maintain our #1 rating on TripAdvisor and we will continue to offer the best, most professional whale shark experience in Cancun. We suggest readers wishing to book now call us USA Direct 305-433-7523 or visit our website www.cancunwhalesharktours.com

The Whale Shark Daddy
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Whale shark map

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