Xaman Ek Montessori in Tulúm

On December 18, 2009, the Xaman Ek Montessori School held its inauguration in Tulúm. The school's educational philosophy is based in Montessori teaching, which is committed to guiding children through the first years of life. The school currently serves children ages 18 months through 4 years old.

The school environment provides children with an atmosphere where they can meet all their developmental needs, be they physical, emotional and/or social. The classrooms are designed to facilitate independent learning and exploration. The classroom activities allow each child to select their own task and work through it to its logical conclusion.

The school offers an integrated educational curriculum which includes art, music, physical education, instruction about care of plants and animals, and instruction in English.

The school also offers children the chance to learn more about the customs and traditions of the Maya culture through fun and age-appropriate methods, such as songs, stories and celebration of activities that are typical in the region.

The school is directed by Eleanora Bermudez Ferrer, who worked previously as a Montessori Guide at the preschool and elementary school levels in Cancún for 7 years and later worked at the Principal of the Akumal Montessori Community Center for 3 years. She also works in the afternoons as the Program Director for the Akumal library, Hekab Be, where she teaches children from Akumal Pueblo in both academic and cultural programming.

Xaman Ek Montessori School has the vision of:
"Achieving an education which helps guide us down a path towards a new world we can excel in, the world of the human spirit, by opening new roads to know, love and serve children, and in this manner help our community achieve a higher level of development."
-Maria Montessori

The school is located on Calle Leo Sur between Luna and Saturno in the center of Tulúm.

Telephone: 984-145-3153

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