Xaman Ek Montessori Education Center October 2010

by Eleanora Bermudez Ferrer, school founder and director

Xaman Ek is starting the new school year with the mission to be able to offer the children who attend activities that facilitate their developmental growth in a holistic way.

We have included diverse activities in our school curriculum, including the following:

Yoga: The children have achieved miraculous things thanks to the discoveries they make by doing this activity. They approach their days with a fresh and creative outlook, as their morning yoga stimulates the flow of creativity, helping them to overcome their fears, anguish or sadness, with a confidence that shines from within.

Music: Music is food for the spirit and is crucial for human development and creative thinking. Our music program helps the children feel united as part of a community, made possible by playing instruments, and dancing and singing together. It also gives them the opportunity to create and help their thoughts flow, allowing freedom to express themselves and their feelings.

Sports: By participating in the physical education class, the children gain greater possibility for action by stimulating knowledge of their own bodies. The development of physical activities and sports also allows the children to acquire knowledge, habits, skills and attitudes towards their bodies that will improve their quality of lives later on. Physical education works to help the child's development in a holistic manner.

English: The children learn this new language in the most natural way possible, allowing them to interact in fun ways. The program is designed to meet the developmental needs of each child according to their age, with personalized attention according to each child's skills.

Mayan Language: Instruction is given by a specialist in the language and customs of the Yucatán region, allowing the children to achieve a better understanding of Maya culture. Activities are done in a natural way that allows the children to appreciate the richness of the Maya culture.

Xaman Ek Montessori Education Center has the vision that education can direct us towards a new world to conquer, that of the human spirit, thereby opening paths to knowledge, respect and love. By serving children and their families, we also help our community achieve a higher level of development.

Xaman Ek is a preschool serving children from ages 20-months to 5-years-old. The school is located on Calle Leo Sur between Luna and Saturno in the center of Tulúm.
Telephone: 984-145-3153