Xplor at Night

by Lisa Love Juliot (August 2013)

The nights have never been hotter in the Riviera Maya jungle! One of the coolest attractions in the Riviera Maya invites you to spend the night!

Xplor heats it up by opening up the park for nighttime fun! This new adventure is for a limited time only- Monday to Saturday from 5:30 to 11:30PM through August 18th. Do you love Xplor during the day? Wait until you see it at night!

Subterranean FUN Xplor Fuego


Never before have you had a night like this!

The jungle comes alive at night and the underground caverns take on a spooky atmosphere,


the subterranean river glows like lava...

Xplor at night is a totally different experience! Delight your senses swimming underground in the darkened caverns,


through waterfalls,


and soar through the night sky on the highest zip-line in the region! Flying through the jungle at night is a feeling of total freedom unlike any other.

Amphibious Vehicles Xplor Fuego

Driving through the jungle and cave systems at night is an intense experience. The amphibious vehicles crash through the jungle while birds and other creatures of the night call to each other and prowl about in the shadows. Driving through the jungle is exciting, especially since there is no telling what is around the next bend in the road!

Don't worry if you forget your waterproof camera, there are plenty of photo ops throughout the park, even at night. Your photos are available for sale at any of the photo counters. Do be sure to bring your appetite! Xplor Fuego serves up a delicious brontosaurus sized BBQ for dinner!

Don't worry about bedtime! Do wear water shoes!

Don't be afraid of the dark! Do wear a comfortable swim suit and shorts to avoid any discomfort of the zip line harness.

Don't forget to bring a change of clothes! Do bring your sense of ADVENTURE- you're going to need it!!

Feel your way through the jungle of Xplor, the hottest way to spend the night this summer!!


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