Ziggy's Restaurant Review

by Lydia Linton Pontius (February 2013)

Ziggy's Restaurant is located on the beach at Tulum between the small bridge and the entrance to Sian Ka'an. Go for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or spend the day at the beach club. Any way you do it, you will not be disappointed.

For breakfast it is a great spot to start your day, whether you are there because it is included with your stay at Hotel Cabañas Tulum or The Beach Tulum, or you were just wandering down the beach and chose it as the perfect way to start the day. They have a wide variety of teas, cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, Mexican coffee, American … you name it. Most of their juice selections are fresh squeezed and you can enjoy those juices a number of ways:  plain juice, smoothies or fruit waters. We particularly like the chaya and pineapple blended juice, a really healthy and delicious way to get your vitamins.

Along with coffee and juices come toast with butter, honey and jams. Now for the hard part—what breakfast are you going to have? They do eggs anyway you want them, such as in a burrito on top of tortillas or with choice of sides. All are very good. Our favorite is the motuleños which is a Maya dish with ham and peas on top of your egg nestled on a crispy tortilla with beans. It also comes with a side of some of the best bacon I have ever tasted and fried plantains. If you are not in the mood for eggs I would suggest you try the oatmeal with cinnamon and bananas—again the best I have ever tasted. The chorizo is extremely tasty, either in the omelet or egg burrito; it is not greasy at all and has lots of great flavor.

You can dine all day long on Ziggy's great bar or restaurant menu. Be sure to check out their cocktail and meal specials that run almost every night (Ziggy's Events). Their tuna nachos—with raw tuna and avocado with sriracha on a crispy wonton—continue to be one of my all-time favorite appetizers. (See video.) I have recommended it to many people and never seen anyone who was disappointed. Their fresh whole grouper is wonderful. Also, if you happen to be there for the Seafood and Lobster BBQ you are in for a treat. It is a bit pricey but you get a cocktail, salad, fish and lobster, and dessert, all prepared steps away from your table.

The most fun we had at Ziggy's was Tequila Tasting Night. The bartender was a blend of entertainer and superb mixologist. He took the time to explain each type of tequila, while letting everyone taste them. He made suggestions as to how to serve them to twist things up a little—for example, instead of lime and salt, how about cinnamon and an orange slice? He made two margaritas to die for. My new favorite is made with tamarind, fresh lime, tequila, with the glass rimmed with a chili and lime powder.

The wonderful thing about Ziggy's is the staff, managed by Jose May, seem to go out of their way to make you feel welcome and to make every visit memorable. We will be back! Check out Ziggy's Events.

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